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You have questions.

Get the answers.

You have questions.

Get the answers.

by Ro

Every week I get questions from podcast listeners, blog readers, and former clients who want some quick advice. Some questions come from people who are new in their role and learning how to navigate the terrain. While others are from seasoned professionals or volunteer leaders who want a sounding board and outside perspective.

And you know what? I am happy to help.

Usually, I respond with an email. Sometimes I answer frequently asked questions through the podcast. But last year a listener suggested doing a live version. So, we tried it…and we loved it!

It’s Ask Dolph! Live!

If you have burning questions that are keeping you up at night or distracting you from your daily joys and responsibilities, then make sure you join me for Ask Dolph! Live! on Thursday, June 9th from 3pm to 4pm EDT.

How it Works

Send me your question ahead of time.

Have questions about nonprofits? Share them with me when you sign up or email them to by 6/3. This way we can do our best to come organized and answer as many questions as possible. 

Bring your favorite snack & beverage. Oh yeah, and pen & paper.

And join me on Zoom on Thursday 6/9 at 3pm EDT!

We’ll send you the Zoom meeting info after you sign up. 

**Can’t make it? Go ahead and share your question. We’ll record our conversation and make it available to you the week after. Please note we do prioritize the questions from folks who attend Ask Dolph! Live!**

Still Have Questions?

Check out this video from Dolph and these FAQs

(1) Do I have to share my name, title, organization, or other identifying information?

Not at all! You can share whatever identifying information you feel comfortable with – and if that means nothing, then that’s a-okay with us. 

(2) Do I have to be on camera?

While we always appreciate seeing the people we’re speaking with, it’s okay to keep your camera off if that’s what makes you feel comfortable.

(3) Will this be recorded? And what will you do with the recording?

We do record the audio (so no need to spiffy up – no one will see you but us and this is a wear-what-you-want webinar).  We email the audio recording to everyone who attends and registers. We also edit and share the audio on our podcast.

(4) Can I come to just listen?

You could. . . . . But it’s always more fun if you bring a question! And I’m pretty sure you have a question niggling somewhere in your brain. 

(5) What kind of questions can I ask?

We’re open to any questions about nonprofits or podcasting. Some examples of previous topics are working with interns, managing difficult people, recruiting and hiring best practices, starting a planned giving program, engaging the Board in fundraising, sabbaticals, and more!

(6) What will asking my question be like?

Like any old conversation! 

Lexie organizes the question que and will let you know when it’s your turn. After you share your question, you and Dolph will have a conversation, just like two buds working through your problem over coffee and croissants at [insert your favorite local coffee shop here]. 

(7) I don’t like public speaking. So this just feels like too much.

That’s ok. Your question is important, regardless of whether or not you want to be the one to ask it. Just send Lexie a private message once you log into Zoom and let her know you are present but don’t feel up to asking your own question. 

If you’re worried about the whole podcasting thing – you should know we send the entire webinar to our podcast editor who works his magic before we air it.

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