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Board Committees


Board Committees

by Ro

Your Board is integral to the success and sustainability of your nonprofit. Board members have a lot to think about and manage. And it can very quickly become overwhelming. But there is a solution: committees!

Behind every successful nonprofit is a successful Board.

Your Board is integral to the success and sustainability of your nonprofit. But Board work can very quickly become overwhelming for its members: budgeting, fundraising, supporting major projects (like that strategic plan you’re hoping to accomplish this year), recruiting and onboarding new members, supervising the Executive Director, and the list goes on. But there is a way to make sure all of these tasks get done efficiently and effectively without burning out your Board: committees!

Build the Board You Need

When: Thursday 4/20 at 3pm Eastern

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free

Behind every successful Board is a successful committee structure.

A robust committee structure makes Board work easier by breaking it into manageable pieces. This ensures everything gets done and keeps Board meetings efficient and focused. When done well, committees also leverage the strengths of your Board members and keep them engaged while avoiding burn out.

So, your Board is only as strong as its weakest committee.

You and your nonprofit deserve a strong Board with robust committees. If you are a nonprofit Executive Director/CEO or Board member, then please join me Thursday 4/20 from 3pm to 4pm ET for a free webinar on Board committees. When you sign off from this webinar, you will know:

    • Which committees are essential for your nonprofit’s success
    • The core roles and tasks of each committee
    • How to use a Board retreat to jump-start your committees

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