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Coaching Group for New Executive Directors

Next session starts February 2021

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Coaching Group for New Executive Directors

Next session starts February 2021

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by GoldenburgGroup

Most new chief executives fail

We know that almost half of all new nonprofit executive directors stay in the position for less than 18 months. Some quit in frustration, others feel forced out and many are terminated by the board. 

These numbers are even higher for first-time chief executives who haven’t been a nonprofit executive director at another agency.

It’s even harder for someone who hasn’t been an executive director before

There are three career ladders that lead to the chief executive seat: 

#1 – Fundraising

#2 – ProgramsNew Directors

#3 –  Finance and operations

When you become an executive director for the first time, you understand the ladder you climbed up. But there’s a steep learning curve in the other two areas. And you are also learning how to report to a Board of a dozen unique individuals and the extreme pressure that comes with being the CEO!

That’s why, if you’re in the first year of being an executive director, you could be on a collision course that will derail your career and hurt your organization. 

Your board doesn’t know how to onboard you

Another reason new executive directors don’t succeed is the board of directors. You have a well-intentioned board, but they lack the skills, knowledge and experience to orient you. 

As someone who’s been a nonprofit chief executive, I know that most boards don’t really orient their new executive director. 90% of the time, the board chair will hand you the keys, give you a tour, introduce you to a few staff, wish you luck and say, “call me if you need anything.”

Then you’re left to figure it out. Who should you be meeting with? How do you build a strong relationship with the board? What’s your role in building the organization’s culture? What landmines could you unknowingly step on in your first year?

You can beat the odds

While the wash-out rate for new executive directors is extraordinarily high, you can succeed by getting the right coaching, mentoring and support. 

In my five years of coaching executive directors, each client has gained new skills and perspectives to successfully navigate the onboarding process. As an executive director, interim executive director, and executive coach, I have learned what makes a new CEO succeed. 

Results-Focused, Curriculum Based

Everything I’ve learned about onboarding a new chief executive is packaged into this curriculum-based group coaching opportunity. 

As a group participant, you will benefit from:New Directors

        • 20 bi-weekly sessions
        • 2 bonus individual coaching sessions 
        • Any worksheets or tools discussed
        • Licensed reading materials (HBR articles, SSIR articles, books, etc)

Get Dolph Goldenburg as your group coaching facilitator!

I have successfully led organizations as both an executive director and an interim executive director. I have also coached many executive directors through their first year or through a crisis. Through those experiences, I have built this curriculum to provide you the information and experiences a new executive director needs to succeed. And I guarantee you will beat the odds!

Want a curriculum sneak peek?

      • New DirectorsSession 1: Coaching overview
      • Session 2: Meet your stakeholders
      • Session 3: Connect with your board
      • Session 4: Manage your energy 
      • Session 5: Manage your time
      • Session 6: Radical Candor 101
      • Session 7: Hiring and recruitment
      • Session 8: Reviewing financials
      • Session 9: Leading staff through change
      • Session 10: Six-month check-in
      • Session 11: Radical Candor 102
      • Session 12: Succession planning
      • Session 13: Strategic planning
      • Session 14: Approaches to budgeting
      • Session 15: Board recruitment
      • Session 16: Board orientation
      • Session 17: Your board meetings
      • Session 18: Discipline Without Punishment
      • Session 19: Your annual review
      • Session 20: Wrap up

What if I’ve been the chief executive for 6 or 9 months?

This coaching group is appropriate those executive directors who started in the past twelve months. So we’d welcome you even though you have been in the role for 6 or 9 months.


Thrive with Successful Nonprofits® Guarantee

New Directors

We are confident that this coaching group will launch your success as an executive director. For this reason, we will give you a full refund if you actively participate in the coaching group and have a tenure of less than 18 months. 

What’s the fine print? In order to receive the refund, you must attend at least 90% of the coaching sessions, do 90% of the homework between sessions and leave your organization within 18 months of your first day as executive director.


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$2,971 – Register After February 15

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