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Decorate to Cultivate Part Two: Matching Branded Items to Your Mission

by GoldenburgGroup

Decorate to Cultivate Part Two: Matching Branded Items to Your Mission

by GoldenburgGroup

by GoldenburgGroup

Essentially, you can brand any item. With so many choices, how could you choose? It’s best that you consider what items are consistent with your nonprofit mission. For example, if your nonprofit focuses on increasing education for youth of vulnerable populations, it might distribute branded backpacks. Below are examples of unique and exciting branded items that may be consistent with many organizations’ missions.

Under each description, click on the link to get prices on the described branded item from my trusted brand provider, ZippyDogs. While we recommend you buy from ZippyDogs, we don’t receive any payment from them when you do. We just have mad-respect for this women-owned business.

  1. Plantable/seed paper: Help donors embrace your eco-friendly agenda to save the world with this biodegradable product. Plantable paper is a type of handmade paper that includes any number of different plant seeds. A newer branded item, seed paper encourages donors and supporters of environmental and conservationist organizations to join the cause.  Seed paper.
  2. Fitness watches: An increasingly popular branded item, fitness watches resonate well with donors and supporters because they are innovative and stylish. Although on the high end, fitness watches inspire donors of health and medical organizations to manage their own wellness. Also, coming in so many designs, fitness watches serve as stylish SWAG. Fitness tracker.
  3. Fidget spinners: Originally developed to help kinesthetic learners, fidget spinners are now on the rise because of their likability, transportability, and design modifications. Facilitating learning and serving as novelty items, fidget spinners are great for donors of organizations focused on education, medicine, health, and youth. Gift your donors this cost-effective branded item, which serves a therapeutic value similar to a stress-ball reliever. Fidget spinners.
  4. Customized thermal lunchboxes: save your donors a trip to the store and save them from using multiple disposable bags by giving them a branded lunchbox. Fantastic items that are in line with organizations focused on ending poverty and hunger, lunch boxes can help your donor market the charity every day in the lunchroom. Lunchboxes.
  5. Custom socks: Spark the kid in each of your donors by giving them customized socks that can be worn on any occasion. Whether socks with cartoons, zany neon colors, or even lights, custom socks are great novelty items. Great for nonprofits centered around helping youth and encouraging recreational outlets, custom socks are playful branded items that keep your donors involved and help them let loose. Socks.

Ultimately, branded items should be consistent with your organization’s mission. Thus, when deciding on which branded items to use, think of how you can engage your donors by creatively materializing your mission. It is very easy to do this when you think of branded items as your organization’s accessories.

Giving your staff, volunteers, or board members branded items builds team spirit which further helps each person be a brand ambassador for the organization. For example, distinguish accomplishments and anniversaries of your staff, volunteers, and board members with branded items. Unify your organization by using branded items to celebrate a milestone, complement a tradition, or enhance an event.

Below are branded items that could help any work environment build team spirit.

  1. Bluetooth speakers: Bluetooth speakers can be used in the home as well as a workplace to let off steam. Instead of distributing simple earphones, demonstrate tech savvy and gift your staff branded Bluetooth speakers to show your appreciation. With these speakers, help your staff and volunteers showcase your brand while also livening up a public space. Bluetooth speakers.
  2. Hats: Customizable hats are special because they can be decorated to reflect an organization’s event, motto or even an inside joke. Hats communicate togetherness. Hats
  3. Umbrellas: Order your branded umbrellas, then save them for a rainy day. When afternoon thunderstorms roll in and team members realize they left umbrellas at home, they will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Imagine a disaster relief organization with a branded umbrella that says “When natural disaster strikes, we are there”. Umbrellas.
  4. Tech Traps: A “tech trap” is one of the most popular promotional items of 2018. It is a portable case made to hold all of your electronic accessories. Add convenience to your team members’ lives and provide these wonderful tech traps. Tech traps.
  5. Pop sockets: Pop sockets are stylish nubs that attach to the backs of phones for better grip, as a phone stand and more. Relieve your staff, volunteers, and board members from the anxiety of dropping or damaging their phones while also making them mobile billboards for your brand with customized pop sockets. Pop sockets.

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