Decorate to Cultivate: The Role of Branded Items in Your Organization : Successful Nonprofits

Decorate to Cultivate: The Role of Branded Items in Your Organization

by GoldenburgGroup

Decorate to Cultivate: The Role of Branded Items in Your Organization

by GoldenburgGroup

by GoldenburgGroup

Distributing branded items is an essential component of outreach, marketing, and team building efforts. Many successful nonprofits distribute branded items to creatively cultivate donors when you find the right balance between price, uniqueness, usefulness and quality.

Each item signifies the bond between your organization and your donor. Branded items allow your organization to deliver customized gifts to donors that can’t be found elsewhere, and this limited accessibility tells each donor how sincerely you value their time, efforts, and loyalty. Also, branded items are great for rewarding and recognizing your team.

Top reasons to use branded items:

      1. Show off your SWAG: Distribute branded items so that your donors, volunteers, and staff don your gear. By investing in high-quality items, donors are encouraged to wear and show off their branded items.
      2. Increase exposure: With wear and use, each branded item markets your organization. Your donors and team literally become brand ambassadors, advertising your brand wherever they go. They will jump start your brand recognition as they flaunt their merchandise.   
      3. Enhance donor cultivation: Your organization’s gear becomes more than just a token of gratitude to your donors. They increase loyalty, response rates, and future donations by further connecting donors with a mission they love.
      4. Be timeless: Branded items do not have an expiration date. Each item stays with your donor and reminds them of their significance with your organization.
      5. Have an alternative business card: Liven your outreach by printing your organization’s information on a customized notepad, pen, or water bottle. Improve how your donors and advocates retain your organization’s information and inscribe contact information on an item that will not get lost in a wallet, back pocket, or car floor.
      6. Build team spirit: Whether celebrating milestones, recognizing an annual event, or celebrating team and individual accomplishments, branded items give your staff, volunteers, and board members a stronger sense of team. Gift items that deeply show your appreciation and investment in your staff.

If you are still uninspired about branded items, listen to author of Dollar Dash, Otis Fulton, who explains the role of branded items in peer to peer fundraising.  In our next blog post, we will review ways to use branded items to build team cohesion with your staff, board, and volunteers.

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