Stop Feeling Stressed Out and Overwhelmed:

Take control of your calendar, your email and your "to-do" list!


Free Webinar by Successful Nonprofits®

The biggest challenge nonprofit leaders face today is managing the endless flood of meetings, email, information and tasks. In my coaching work, I teach nonprofit executives how to regain control of their time and attention in order to focus on what matters most--board development, fundraising, leadership, and yes, your mission. Ultimately, organizing your time and your attention is essential to your success.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to spend 50% less time on email
  • A simple technique to ensure you never over-schedule yourself again
  • How to manage other’s expectations about your time
  • Techniques to manage your  to do list that are based on your personality type

About the presenter:

Dolph Goldenburg is the principal consultant at Successful Nonprofits®. And Dolph personally understands feeling overwhelmed, having completely burned out in 2013 while the executive director of a multi-million-dollar nonprofit. Following what could have been a career-ending transition, Dolph took stock of his life and developed tools that replaced his sense of feeling overwhelmed with being in control. With these tools, he built Successful Nonprofits® while also serving as the interim executive director of local, regional and national nonprofit organizations. Dolph wants to share these life-transforming tools with you so that you, too, can stop feeling overwhelmed!