Successful Nonprofits Blog: Book Review: Joy at Work

Book Review: Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life

by Ro

Book Review: Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life

by Ro

by Ro



oy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life (Book Review)

Authors: Marie Kondo & Scott Sonenshein

Price: $19.36 hardcover, $13.99 Kindlejoy

4 sentence summary:

It’s so much easier to find joy at work when your desk is clean, your computer files are orderly, and your schedule is manageable. And this book offers useful tips for rediscovering joy and being more productive. Marie Kondo, the internationally acclaimed organizer, co-authored the book with an acclaimed organizational psychologist. It’s clear that Marie primarily wrote some chapters, while Scott wrote the others. So you’ll get two important perspectives in one book.

Who is this book for:

This book is for any nonprofit professional who feels overwhelmed by a messy desk, spends too much time looking for lost documents, and doesn’t have enough time in their day. 

My top takeaways from the book:

        • If you need to turn a messy desk into an organized desk, schedule the time to do it all at once (if at all possible).
        • Once your desk is clean, always return items to the place they belong.
        • Overearning – A phenomenon when you intentionally work to acquire more – at the cost of the cost of your happiness. We all know those folks who work 65 hours a week to accumulate more money, recognition, or perceived value.
        • Do something every day at work that brings you joy. Whether that’s a walk with a coworker, a moment of meditation after checking email, or planning a celebration. 
        • Avoid meetings that aren’t relevant to you. Remember that going to more meetings doesn’t make you more valuable. 
        • If you run a meeting, it’s your job to make it engaging and relevant for participants. 
        • Build a joyful professional network. Only continue the relationships you have the energy to cultivate.

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