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Reflections & Advice on Building a Successful Career

Reflections & Advice on Building a Successful Career

by Ro

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for our annual montage! This year we asked 11 guests what one thing they started doing, or stopped doing, that had the biggest impact on their careers. Listen in for tips that are sure to help you achieve the career you want!

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Podcast: Ep 223: Do More Good…Through Your Website with Adam Walker 

Podcast: Ep 219: Fill That Job with the Perfect Candidate with Kathleen Duffy 

Podcast: Ep 218: the Gift of Struggle & The Leadership Secret with Bobby Herrera 

Podcast: Ep 213: The Magic of Strategic Plans with Liana Downey 

Podcast: Ep 215: Take a Deep Breath with Jay Johnson 

Podcast: Ep 214: Gender Matters in Philanthropy with Jeannie Sager 

Podcast: Ep 220: When Your Program is Broken with Kelsey Smith 

Podcast: Ep 222: Transform Your Public Speaking with Neil Gordon 

Podcast: Ep 217: Rethink How You Fundraise with Jack Silverstein

Podcast: Ep 212: The Supportive Board Chair with Monica Khant 

Podcast: Ep211: The Story Your Voice Tells with Tracy Goodwin 

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(01:17) Be relational over transactional

(03:36) Network with the right people

(05:44) Get, and stay, in the right mindset

(07:36) Always be a student

(09:16) Be true to yourself

(10:35) Stop talking and start listening

(13:00) Lean into your strengths

(15:09) Manage conflict

(15:55) Build your marketing around people’s problems

(17:38) Meet others where they are

(19:41) Embrace your leadership style

(12:50) Own your gift and your purpose



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