Lessons From 300 Episodes of the Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Discover What I've Learned from 300 Episodes with Dolph Goldenburg

Discover What I've Learned from 300 Episodes with Dolph Goldenburg

by Ro

Episode Overview 

In this milestone 300th episode of the Successful Nonprofits Podcast®, our host Dolph Goldenburg reflects on his podcasting journey and shares some of his most valuable lessons learned. From handling criticism to maintaining consistency to prioritizing meaningful content, Dolph reveals the top nine lessons that have not only shaped this podcast but also guided him professionally and personally. Join Dolph for this reflective look back at the evolution of one of the top nonprofit podcasts and the wisdom gained along the way!

Timestamp Highlights

(01:07) Dolph discusses how the podcast came to be and his initial challenges
(02:16) Lesson 1: Believe the experts
(03:15) Lesson 2: Invest in audio quality
(05:14) Lesson 3: Pay the experts
(06:13) Lesson 4: Find a sustainable format
(07:13) Lesson 5: Develop an efficient process
(10:07) Lesson 6: The value of consistency
(11:09) Lesson 7: Commit to producing meaningful content
(13:03) Lesson 8: Stand firm by your values 

(15:18) Lesson 9: The importance of a good night’s sleep


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About Us

The Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is on a mission to help nonprofits and their leaders thrive! It is hosted by our principal consultant, Dolph Goldenburg, and produce by Lexie Linger. Each of our weekly episodes brings you fresh ideas and featured conversations with industry thought leaders. Founded in 2015, Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is proud to be recognized as one of the top podcasts serving nonprofit leaders.

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