Successful Nonprofits: 5 Books Every Executive Director Should Read

Bonus Break #42: 5 Books Every Executive Director Should Read

Bonus Break #42: 5 Books Every Executive Director Should Read

by Ro

Everyone who knows me is aware that I love to read and also give away a lot of books every year. The books I give away are transformational books that generate big ideas to inform your leadership style, change your perspectives on strategy, and further strengthen your organization. And the recipients of these books have told me how impactful these titles have been for them. Today I want to share with you three of these books, as well as two books I’ve recently read that are so transformational, they are now on my gift-giving list. 

As you know from earlier promos, we are in the final days of registration for the Successful Nonprofits Book Club for nonprofit executive directors. The five titles I share with you today will be featured in the book club, and our participants will have the unique opportunity to read many of the books ad get to have a conversation with the author! 

That’s right, we have booked authors for five or our ten sessions, and we’re working to book more! So, in addition to receiving books in your preferred format, buy joining the book club you’ll also get to discuss them with the author and your chief executive colleagues all over the country.  

Whether your organization is struggling to break past a plateau or enjoying extraordinary success, these books and the book club will make you an even better leader and your organization even stronger.

        • The Thief In Your Company (author Tiffany Couch has confirmed)
        • The Schmuck In My Office (author Jody Foster has confirmed)
        • Imagination Machine (author Jack Fuller has confirmed)
        • Philanthropy Revolution (author Lisa Greer has confirmed)
        • CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the best Leaders from the Rest – studied 2,400 CEOs of large public companies to identify the six mindsets that help CEO’s excel

These are just five of the ten books we’ll be reading in the book club. The remaining five will be selected from a list of transformational books, and we’ll prioritize those books whose author agrees to join us. We can’t promise that we’ll talk to every author, but it’s my goal to get as many as possible. 

Don’t forget that registration closes on  May 3rd and this is your opportunity to read transformational books, discuss them in a safe space with chief executive colleagues, and discuss many of them with the author. Additionally, several folks who have already registered for the book club shared that they also joined because it will help them read some transformative books that have been on their own reading lists for a while. 

So, regardless of your motivation, head over to and check out the book club before registration closes on May 3.  


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