Strategies for Board Impact with Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moor

Insider Insights: Nonprofit Board Do's and Don’t’s from a Board Member with Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moore

Insider Insights: Nonprofit Board Do's and Don’t’s from a Board Member with Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moore

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Episode Overview 

In this episode of the Successful Nonprofits® Podcast, your host Dolph Goldenburg chats with Charlie Moore, CEO of Rocket Lawyer, and an accomplished Board member. In the first segment, they delve into the intricacies of nonprofit Board service, exploring the alignment of personal values with organizational missions, the customer-centric approach to rewarding Board experiences, and Moore’s insights on recruitment strategies and impactful Board dynamics. They move on to investigate Moore’s practical wisdom on crafting effective executive director reports, inspiring Board member accountability, and other valuable lessons he gleaned from his time at the Naval Academy. Listen now to gain actionable insights to engage and empower your organization’s Board.

Timestamp Highlights

[02:35] Moore’s approach to joining Boards and aligning values with the organization’s mission.
[04:45] How to reject Board opportunities that conflict with personal priorities or lack alignment with values.
[07:56] Discussion on “give-get” models and the importance of Board members’ personal contributions.
[11:03] The rewarding aspect of Board committee service, emphasizing the value of staying connected to the organization’s beneficiaries and mission.
[13:15] Best practices for engaging Board members and making committee work more meaningful.
[14:14] Exploring effective executive director reports through concise and focused communication.
[16:12] Strategies for ensuring Board members show up on time and engage actively in meetings.
[18:05] The role of the Board in holding members accountable and fostering commitment to purpose.


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