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Youth and Intergenerational Collaboration with Ilona Dougherty and Lilah Williamson

Youth and Intergenerational Collaboration with Ilona Dougherty and Lilah Williamson

by Ro

Episode Overview 

In this compelling episode, join your host Dolph Goldenburg as he dives into the world of youth innovation and intergenerational collaboration. Discover the secrets to effective mentorship while maintaining a healthy balance of guidance and freedom, as our special guests Lilah Williamson and Ilona Dougherty share their invaluable insights.

Join us for an inspiring conversation that will revolutionize the way you approach collaboration with young innovators. Empower the next generation and build a better future together!

Timestamp Highlights

[1:32]  Lilah’s experience organizing over 1 million people for a climate strike.
[3:32] The significance of tapping into the innovation potential of 15 to 25-year-olds and the importance of intergenerational collaboration.
[5:16] The role of older generations in supporting young people’s ideas and scaling their efforts.
[9:13] How to engage with youth-led initiatives and provide meaningful support without taking over.
[11:28] Challenges adults face in engaging with youth and the importance of getting out of their own way
[16:13] The importance of intergenerational collaboration and the unique skills and challenges that young people bring.
[18:20] How to counterbalance the strengths and weaknesses of youth-led organizations.
[20:02] The value of mentorship and seeking advice from older adults with experience.
[23:51] The power differential between adults and young people in society and the need for adults to recognize their privilege of age.
[25:00] The Western culture’s perception of youth and valuing young people.


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Website: Fridays for Future Toronto
Climate Justice UofT’s Twitter
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Podcast: Ep 252: Inclusive & Effective Decision Making with Mike Ciccarone

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