Succesful Nonprofits: Conflict Resolution & You with Karen Feste

Surviving Conflict with Karen Feste

Surviving Conflict with Karen Feste

by Ro

We all find ourselves in conflict – from that driver who cut you off this morning to that difficult-to-handle colleague. As today’s guest, Karen Feste, says, “any 4-year-old can escalate conflict;” it’s deescalating and finding creative solutions that’s hard. So listen in for Karen’s tips to help you deescalate your next disagreement and find a creative (and satisfying) solution.

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Resolving Conflict by Negotiation

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Website: Beyond Intractability

Website: Program on Negotiation at Harvard

The Book: Plans for Peace: Negotiation and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Book: Terminate Terrorism: Framing, Gaming and Negotiating Conflicts

The Book: America Responds to Terrorism: Conflict Resolution Strategies of Clinton, Bush, and Obama

The Book: Getting More by Stuart Diamond

The Book: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher & bill Ury

Podcast: Ep 89: Conflict Can Be Good for Your Organization with Nate Regier

Podcast: Ep 150: Frenemies: Solving Problems with Unlikely Partners with Leah Garces


(03:08) Karen’s Conflict Resolution Mantra

(06:15) Working collaboratively (and why it’s so hard)

(07:37) Tips to prepare yourself prior to a difficult situation

(19:13) Tips for navigating and deescalating conflict


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