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Implement a Period of Rest at Your Organization

Implement a Period of Rest at Your Organization

by Ro


Episode Overview 

In 2021, the leadership of New Profit realized staff desperately needed a reset. So they completely closed their office for 7 days to give staff the chance to rest. And it worked so well that they’ve continued to do this Radical Reset once per year. Join Dolph and Kevin as they explore the practicalities of implementing a policy of rest and the profound impact it has had on New Profit. Listen in and gain insights into the importance of rest and rejuvenation in the nonprofit sector and discover how your organization can benefit from this innovative approach, too!

Timestamp Highlights

[02:40] Why we need a period of rest
[07:07] Managing emails before, during, and after your period of rest
[09:34] Designing your rest period
[11:14] Soliciting staff feedback and needs
[12:44] Presenting your rest period to the Board 
[13:53] Communicating your rest period to stakeholders
[20:36] The impact of rest
[24:45] The DEI lens


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