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6 Indicators Your Nonprofit is Ready for Strategic Planning with Dolph Goldenburg

6 Indicators Your Nonprofit is Ready for Strategic Planning with Dolph Goldenburg

by Ro

Episode Overview 

Welcome back to another Bonus Break episode of the Successful Nonprofits® Podcast! In today’s short but impactful episode, I share the indicators you need to consider before embarking on a strategic planning journey. With a focus on readiness, I outline four essential criteria that organizations should meet to ensure the success of their strategic planning efforts. I also share two milestones that indicate your nonprofit is likely to have a higher success of implementing your new strategic plan.

Looking for even more help to determine whether or not your nonprofit is ready to plan? Take our short quiz to find out!

Timestamp Highlights

[02:13] Common questions about strategic planning and the significance of knowing when to start the process
[04:27] Having enough participants committed to the planning process
[06:53] Leadership commitment from your Executive Director and Board Chair
[08:28] Strong relationships within your organization
[11:04] Stability in your finances, programs, and leadership.
[13:26] A history of successfully implementing plans, procedures, and policies
[14:28] Taking necessary steps to prepare for planning


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The Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is on a mission to help nonprofits and their leaders thrive! It is hosted by our principal consultant, Dolph Goldenburg, and produce by Lexie Linger. Each of our weekly episodes brings you fresh ideas and featured conversations with industry thought leaders. Founded in 2015, Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is proud to be recognized as one of the top podcasts serving nonprofit leaders.

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