Successful Nonprofits: Unlocking the Power of Sabbaticals for Nonprofit Leaders

I Took a Sabbatical and So Can You with David Heitstuman

I Took a Sabbatical and So Can You with David Heitstuman

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Episode Overview 

Explore the transformative power of sabbaticals for nonprofit leaders with host Dolph Goldenburg and guest David Heitzman, Chief Executive of the Sacramento LGBT Center. David recently returned from an 8 week sabbatical and joins us to discuss the benefits of uninterrupted time off and share tips for preparing to leave and returning to work. Gain valuable insights and discover the restorative impact of sabbaticals on nonprofit executives.

Timestamp Highlights

[02:04] What David planned to do on his sabbaticals.
[04:57] The conditions under which David could be contacted during sabbatical.
[05:45] The challenges of finding the perfect time for a sabbatical and the need to eventually set a date and prioritize self-care.
[06:41] The value of sabbaticals in providing executive directors with a much-needed break and rest.
[10:13] Preparing the acting CEO by providing insights into decision-making processes, creating a job manual, and setting expectations.
(12:22) The challenges of resisting involvement in work-related matters during your sabbatical.
(13:55) Notifying staff, donors, Board, and other stakeholders.
(19:25) The things David will do differently next time.
(20:32) Initiating Conversations with Your Board about Sabbaticals


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