Find and tell your nonprofits most impactful stories with Kristin

Finding and Telling Your Nonprofit’s Most Impactful Stories with Kristin Sukraw

Finding and Telling Your Nonprofit’s Most Impactful Stories with Kristin Sukraw

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Episode Overview 

This week on the Successful Nonprofits® Podcast, host Dolph Goldenburg welcomes Kristin Sukraw, an award-winning storyteller and film producer with a passion for bringing nonprofit narratives to life. 

Kristin dives deep into the art of storytelling, providing invaluable insights on how to find and share your nonprofit’s most impactful stories. She introduces essential interviewing techniques that transform the way stories are told and received.  Techniques like ’embracing the pause’, ‘doing the dip’, and ‘effective restatements.’ 

Kristin and Dolph also tackle potential concerns about re-traumatizing former clients and the ethics of asking individuals to recount personal stories. Kristin shares ways to invite individuals to tell about their experience in a way that leads to healing and a sense of pride. 

The conversation also explores the importance of selecting the right storyteller, advocating for the inclusion of quieter voices that often carry profound stories, and constructing a ‘story vault’ to organize potential narratives. 

This episode is a treasure trove for nonprofit leaders looking to harness the power of storytelling to advance their mission.

Timestamp Highlights

[04:15] What techniques can I use for interviewing clients, donors, and others about their story? 
[10:25] What is the best way to structure my story so the message is memorable?
[11:15] How can I find compelling stories for my nonprofit? 
[16:00] How do I ask someone to tell their personal story?
[18:15] Should I give interview questions up front?
[20:45] What is the best way to structure my discovery interviews?
[26:30] What are the key takeaways from this episode?


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