Successful Nonprofits: Strategic Approaches to Securing Unrestricted Funding

How You Can Make a Successful Case for Unrestricted Funding with Nick Turner

How You Can Make a Successful Case for Unrestricted Funding with Nick Turner

by Ro

Episode Overview 

Join Dolph Goldenburg and Nick Turner of the Vera Institute of Justice as they delve into the world of nonprofit funding. In this episode, Nick recounts his journey from starting in his role with a funding deficit to significantly increasing Vera’s unrestricted dollars. Listen in for proven tips and techniques to strengthening your nonprofit and securing unrestricted funding through visionary campaigns. This enlightening conversation offers a wealth of knowledge for nonprofit leaders and philanthropy enthusiasts alike.

Timestamp Highlights

[01:20]  Nick’s leadership journey at Vera Institute of Justice
[07:30] The value of unrestricted revenue
[10:00]  Making difficult decisions to strengthen organizational structure
[14:30] Strategies for overcoming funders’ hesitancy toward unrestricted funding
[17:20] Managing funders’ specific interests and setting boundaries
[26:00] Anticipated unrestricted funding trends


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The Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is on a mission to help nonprofits and their leaders thrive! It is hosted by our principal consultant, Dolph Goldenburg, and produce by Lexie Linger. Each of our weekly episodes brings you fresh ideas and featured conversations with industry thought leaders. Founded in 2015, Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is proud to be recognized as one of the top podcasts serving nonprofit leaders.

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