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A proven framework for nonprofit strategic planning

Strategic Planning Facilitator Cohort Group

A proven framework for nonprofit strategic planning

Strategic Planning Facilitator Cohort Group

by goldenburggroup

We offer a 28-week Strategic Planning Facilitation Cohort Group for your volunteer facilitator. This group is designed for organizations that cannot afford the $13,000 – $22,000 necessary to hire a strategic planning consultant but have a board member willing to lead the process.

Registration for the group starting in May 2019 is now closed. Contact us if you would like to be part of the next cohort group.

We train your facilitator in our proven strategic planning method

Your volunteer group facilitator will participate in 14 bi-weekly training sessions to enable them to lead strategic planning within your organization. Each of these web-based sessions will prepare your volunteer leader to facilitate each step of the process. Specifically, we’ll teach your facilitator everything they need to know, including how to recruit and lead the work group that:

  • Interviews key stakeholders
  • Conducts a thorough environmental scan
  • Reviews the mission, vision and core values
  • Develops big bold goals
  • Prepares for the board retreat
  • Facilitates the board retreat
  • Drafts the final plan following the board retreat

We give you all the necessary tools and templates

We will also provide all of the tools and templates for your volunteer leader and work group to customize. Just a few of these valuable strategic planning tools include:

  • Successful Nonprofits® Strategic Planning Manual
  • Work group recruitment profile
  • Stakeholder survey and interview tools
  • Agendas for every meeting
  • Spreadsheets for financial and fundraising analysis
  • Board retreat presentation template
  • Suggested activities for your board retreat
  • Final strategic plan example for use as a template
  • A recording of each webinar, in case your facilitator must miss a session

Do you have the leadership volunteers?

For this to be a wise investment of your nonprofit’s resources, you need a volunteer leader with strong project management and group facilitation skills. This volunteer must have the ability to devote 4 to 6 hours each week for about seven months. Your organization will also need 5 to 7 volunteers who serve as work group members.

While the chief executive will undoubtedly serve on your Strategic Planning Work Group, it is not possible for an executive director or other staff member to be the key driver on strategic planning. For this reason, we will not enroll a paid staff member in the cohort group. While a staff member can’t enroll, a staff liaison can participate with the volunteer leader at no additional cost.

Does the time and budget work for you?

While registration for the group starting in May 2019 is now closed, we are maintaining the information on this page so you will know if your organization may be a good candidate for our next cohort group.

Registration requires a commitment for the full 28 weeks, though your volunteer leader will receive recordings of each session in case they are unable to attend one of the live events.

The earlier you make a commitment, the less this opportunity costs. If you register

  • Before March 15: $2,500
  • Between March 15 and April 14: $3,000
  • After April 14: $3,500

We do require an exploratory conversation before your organization can register. Simply complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch right away.

If your nonprofit is interested in participating in the next cohort group, please reach out to us. We will schedule a conversation to answer any questions you may have and discuss if this is a good fit for your organization.