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When you can only see 12 or 18 months into the future

Tactical Planning

When you can only see 12 or 18 months into the future

Tactical Planning

by GoldenburgGroup

If you’re asking questions like the ones below, your organization would benefit from tactical planning.

– How will we make payroll if our contributions decline by 25%?

– What will our performing arts organization do if we can’t produce in-person performances?

– How are we going to cover operating expenses on this building that we aren’t even using?

– Will rising demand from newly unemployed clients will swamp our ability to serve everyone?

– What will we do if our chief executive or board chair gets COVID and can’t return?

Tactical Planning can help you prepare for the problems you’re expecting and the landmines you aren’t anticipating.

What is a Tactical Plan?

A tactical plan is a 12- to 18-month plan that outlines the primary challenges your organization may face, while also considering the opportunities that it can leverage. The plan is created through a fast-paced process lasting just six to eight weeks. In that timeframe, we will conduct an environmental scan, interview board members and staff leaders, and work with the board and executive director to develop 12-month goals, monthly objectives, and tactics for succeeding in the current environment.

While each tactical plan is different, common sections include:

    • Specific external and internal pressures the organization is facing
    • Opportunities the organization might leverage
    • Cash flow projections with fundraising and revenue strategies
    • A recession rebound strategy
    • Staffing plan
    • Succession plan for your board and staff leadership
    • 12- to 18-month goals
    • Monthly objectives

Our support continues after your board approves the tactical plan

We are committed to your success in implementing your tactical plan and will schedule monthly online coaching sessions for the life of your plan. In these sessions, we will:

    • Review achievement of monthly objectives
    • Brainstorm options for overcoming impediments
    • Discuss potential plan changes
    • Provide additional tools, techniques and support to implement your plan

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