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Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

by Ro

When was the last time you referred to your strategic plan when making a decision?
If you don’t remember, then you need a new strategic plan!

Strategic plans cut through chaos and uncertainty

Even on the best day, you have a lot to manage. From payroll to client emergencies, from rogue Board members to overzealous staff. These distractions can make it hard to decide the right next step, let alone the best long-term direction for your nonprofit.

Which is why having an updated strategic plan that you can refer to regularly is so important. This makes sure that all of your little and your big decisions move your organization in the right direction. Not to mention, having a strategic plan your team can refer to also helps everyone stay engaged, energized, and united.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Strategic Planning         (but are afraid to ask)

When: Wednesday 3/8 at 2pm Eastern

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free

But even tenured nonprofit leaders have a lot of questions about strategic planning:

  • What is strategic planning?
  • How much time will it take?
  • How much extra work will I be responsible for?
  • What does an effective planning process even look like?
  • How do I convince my Board and staff it’s important?

We have the webinar for YOU!

We have been facilitating strategic planning for six years. And we have learned a lot about how to create a plan that helps your organization achieve its mission and you reach your full potential as a leader. If you are an Executive Director or Board Chair, then please join us on Wednesday 3/8 at 2pm Eastern for a one-hour webinar on strategic planning.

When you sign off, you will know:

  • If your organization even needs a strategic plan
  • If your nonprofit is ready for a strategic plan
  • What to expect from a strategic planning process
  • How to overcome common objections from your board and staff

This is our most popular webinar and space is limited, so register today and get started on your own strategic planning journey!


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