Successful Nonprofits: Thrive in a Recession

Coaching Group to Thrive in the Recession

Next session starts January 2021

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Coaching Group to Thrive in the Recession

Next session starts January 2021

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by GoldenburgGroup

Nonprofit executives are leading through a difficult time

We are living in unprecedented times that challenge even the best leaders: the worst recession in our lifetime, a global pandemic, and important social movements pushing for greater equality. In addition to struggling with cash flow and funding, you are undoubtedly also experiencing an increased demand for service and increased anxiety within your team.

You are not alone!

The recession will impact your organization

Board Source found that the majority of nonprofits were negatively impacted by the 2008-2010 recession, with 84% reporting a negative impact. Additionally, 65% of nonprofit leaders reported feeling recession-related anxiety, and 32% were burned out! (source: Daring to Lead 2011)

2021 will be a harder year for nonprofits

The second year of a recession is typically much more difficult on nonprofits. Government stimulus programs decrease, more donors are impacted by the recession, and foundations don’t dramatically increase giving. 

Your organization can still thrive in 2021

But not all organizations were negatively impacted in the last recession. In fact, many experienced significant growth and benefited from opportunities the recession presented (source: Nonprofit Quarterly: Deconstructing The Not So Great Nonprofit Recession)

Get the support necessary for 2021 to be a great year

That is why we’ve developed a curriculum-based coaching group to help you navigate these difficult times from a variety of perspectives: financial, leadership, human resources and above all, equity.  The experience includes:

      • 12 bi-weekly sessions
      • A bonus group session
      • A bonus individual coaching session 
      • Any worksheets or tools discussed
      • Licensed reading materials (HBR articles, SSIR articles, books, etc)

Get Dolph Goldenburg as your group coaching facilitator!

 “I have successfully led organizations during recessions and coached chief executives facing financial challenges. And I guarantee this coaching group will help you and your nonprofit thrive despite the recession!”

Want a curriculum sneak peek?

    • Session #1: Coaching overview
    • Session #2: Digging in on cash flow
    • Session #3: Find more money
    • Session #4: Leading staff during a crisis
    • Session #5: Stop feeling overwhelmed
    • Session #6: Engage board, staff & funders
    • Session #7: Self care
    • Session #8: Find money through efficiencies
    • Session #9: Experiments and iterations 
    • Session #10: Crisis communication  
    • Session #11: Contingency planning
    • Bonus Session: Prepare for post-recession
    • Session #12: Finally, Wrap Up.

Thrive with the Successful Nonprofits® Guarantee

We are very confident that this coaching group will help you thrive if you do the work. For this reason, we offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason, have attended at least 90% of the coaching sessions and done the homework between sessions.



$2,371 – Register Now. Space is limited!


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