We Stand for Reproductive Rights

We Stand for Reproductive Rights

by Ro

We Stand for Reproductive Rights

by Ro

by Ro



ven though we knew last week’s Supreme Court decision was likely going to strike down Roe v Wade, our hearts sank when the headline appeared on our screens. This decision is even more painful during June, a month when we celebrate liberation through Juneteenth and LGBTQ+ Pride.

In many states, the court’s decision will force women to break the law when exercising their right of autonomy over their own bodies. And in exercising their rights, they will face significant risks to their freedom, their health, their livelihoods, and their very lives. 

The decision represents a tragic step backwards – not just for women but for all Americans. This activist Supreme Court won’t stop at abortions, and they won’t stop at guns. Indeed, Justice Thomas has already indicated he would like the court to consider cases on contraception and marriage. 

The conservative justices’ stated intention of “originalism” is to return our nation to the one that would be recognized by a bunch of white guys who wrote a constitution in 1787 that enshrined slavery and deprived women of the right to vote. While later generations amended the Constitution to correct those two particular crimes against humanity, I still don’t want to live in a world the framers would deem “acceptable.” This concept of originalism has been used to oppose desegregation, teaching evolution in schools, etc.

I want abortion to be safe, legal, and accessible in all 50 states. And that’s why I’ve signed up today to be a monthly donor of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF).  The PPAF is a nonpartisan political action committee with over 7 million members who support its work to advance and expand access to women’s health care and reproductive freedom.

Please consider joining me as a supporter by making your contribution today (as a political action committee, your donation won’t be tax deductible):  Donate to PPAF today.

History has taught us that the Supreme Court is not always right, and that we must at times work hard and sacrifice to win the rights the court has refused to recognize. I don’t know whether we win our rights through constitutional amendments, a 50-state strategy or changing the Supreme Court, but I’m committing to that struggle. I hope you are, too. 

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