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Board Committees


Board Committees

by Ro

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Your Blueprint for Mastering Board Committees

Save the Date: Thursday, October 12th at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific

Imagine a world where committees are a joy to work with because they’re supporting you and your team’s work. In this world, committees result in less work for you — not more. Unfortunately, most nonprofit executives don’t experience this benefit of truly effective committees. If your committees are inactive — or even worse, if they are reactive — this webinar is for you!

Your Board is integral to the success and sustainability of your nonprofit. But Board work can very quickly become overwhelming for its members: logistics, budgeting, fundraising, supporting major projects (like that strategic plan you’re hoping to accomplish this year), recruiting and onboarding new members, supporting the Executive Director, and the list goes on.

But there is a way to make sure everything gets done without burning out you or your Board: effective committees!


That’s why this webinar will share 3 easy steps to ensure your committees are effective!

You and your nonprofit deserve a strong board with robust committees. If you are a nonprofit chief executive or board member, then please join me Thursday 10/12 at 3pm ET for a free webinar on board committees. When you sign off from this webinar, you will know:

    • Which committees are essential for your nonprofit’s successs
    • The maximum number of committees for your Board
    • Core roles and tasks of each committee
    • Tips for using a Board retreat to jump-start your committees
    • Three simple steps each committee can take to be more effective
    • Our exclusive template that makes annual committee planning a breeze (seriously, this template focuses committees and helps them do hours of work in less than 45 minutes!)

Your Webinar Team

Your Host: Dolph Goldenburg is the founder and principal consultant of Successful Nonprofits® and brings three decades of successful development and leadership experience to the team. As a former Executive Director and Board chair, Dolph knows Boards from both sides. Dolph will share his invaluable lessons learned at this webinar!

Your Moderator: Lexie Linger’s job during this webinar is to keep things running smoothly in the background, help answer questions, and time-check Dolph. She also brings a combined 5 years of experience serving as a Board member and consulting on Board development engagements.


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