A Checklist to Support Your Nonprofit's Success in 2016

by goldenburggroup

A Checklist to Support Your Nonprofit's Success in 2016

by goldenburggroup

by goldenburggroup

In celebration of New Years, The Goldenburg Group is pleased to provide you this handy checklist for 2016, which includes tasks to ensure a successful year. With just four tasks each month, this guide can keep you on track to reach your goals.

These tasks are based on annual committee work plans outlined in Successful Nonprofits Build Supercharged Boards and is designed for a fiscal year beginning 1/1/2016. We also have checklists for fiscal years beginning 4/1/16, 7/1/16, and 10/1/16 on request.

     _____ Distribute annual organization calendar
     _____ Disclose conflicts of interest
     _____ Mail 1099’s to independent contractors
     _____ Send annual donor summariesMarch
     _____ Conduct board evaluation*
     _____ Create program evaluation plan
     _____ Obtain board fundraising commitments*
     _____ Review staff pay scales

     _____ Board reviews IRS Form 990
     _____ Form 990 due to IRS (May 15)
     _____ Hold annual staff retreat*
     _____ Conduct staff evaluations

     _____ Review strategic plan achievement*
     _____ Draft 18-month tactical plan*
     _____ Review/approve FY budget changes
     _____ Determine FY 2017 staffing needs

     _____ Review draft of FY 2017 budget (board)
     _____ Review audit with auditor (board)
     _____ Review employment policies
     _____ Launch board recruitment campaign

     _____ Approve FY 2017 budget (board)
     _____ Hold donor thank-a-thon*
     _____ Modify fall campaign as necessary*
     _____ Solicit major donor SYBUNTs

     _____ Sign audit engagement letter
    _____ Review results of fall campaign*
     _____ Send Form1096 to IRS
     _____ Ensure spring campaign planned*April
     _____ Review insurance coverages
_____ Hold annual board retreat*
_____ Review/revise board recruitment plan*
_____ Review/revise website for accuracy

     _____ Plan FY 2017 board officer transitions
_____ Review results of spring campaign*
_____ Conduct executive director evaluation*
_____ Review/revise board orientation*

     _____ Review employee benefits for FY2017
_____ Ensure fall campaign ready to launch*
_____ Review initial program evaluation data
_____ Determine FY2017 IT/equipment needs

     _____ Develop FY 2017 fundraising plan*
_____ Review financial procedures
_____ Share FY2017 plans with funders
_____ Review/revise your Guidestar record

     _____ All committees prepare wrap-up reports
_____ Develop FY 2017 grant calendar
_____ Host holiday event for board/staff
_____ Send holiday cards to major donors


Contact The Goldenburg Group if you would like assistance with these tasks.

Copyright 2015, The Goldenburg Group, LLC.

The fine print:  Nothing in this document is intended to provide legal, accounting, insurance, or other professional advice.  Should you have questions regarding matters in these areas, you should consult a licensed professional.  Additionally, since The Goldenburg Group serves organizations in multiple states, this task list does not include any state registration requirements.

You can download a PDF of this document below:

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