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Guided by principle . . . . . not profit


Guided by principle . . . . . not profit

by GoldenburgGroup

Nonprofit Manifesto

We believe nonprofits have the unique ability to solve intransigent problems and transform society.

To fulfill this promise and build a better world, not for profit organizations must find ways to break out of business as usual. The vast majority of nonprofit executives are treading water in a sea of emails and meaningless meetings. The staff leaders and Board are so mired in the daily tactical, that simply surviving each year seems like success.

But continuing to exist is not a goal. Whether eradicating polio worldwide or ending hunger in your community, solving a problem is the hallmark of success. And this success requires strong planning, systems to measure results, ruthless prioritization, and preparing for the obstacles that all nonprofits face (tight cash flow, staff / Board transitions, and more).

The most successful nonprofits will invest fearlessly in their ability to change, while carefully tracking their investment results. This includes paying competitive wages, investing in staff and volunteers, creating an infrastructure that enables staff leaders to spend more time focusing on the future, fundraising successfully, and building a Board that governs effectively.

Successful Nonprofits® was founded in 2014 with the belief that charities can be more effective at solving our greatest problems with the right external consulting. We provide strategic planning, Board development, executive coaching, and transition assistance to help nonprofits thrive.

At Successful Nonprofits®, we are a for-profit company with the heart of a nonprofit. For this reason, we choose our clients very carefully and only partner with organizations when we can answer “yes” to the following questions:

Does the organization’s mission align with our progressive values?

Are we the best equipped to help the organization achieve its goals?

Will the organization benefit from the services it seeks?

Because we take a careful approach to building client partnerships, we can look back on an engagement and see a transformed and more effective organization. What’s more, we know that a stronger organization will help solve some of those intransigent problems and help transform society for the better.


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