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Delivering results for nonprofit organizations

We define our success by your results

Delivering results for nonprofit organizations

We define our success by your results

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We do not rest until our clients achieve success

Successful Nonprofits® is proud to share this sample of organizations we have served, as well as their feedback about our impact. While based in Atlanta, we provide consulting to nonprofits throughout the United States.

Engagement: Strategic Planning

Client Feedback:
Dolph Goldenburg led us through our first professionally led strategic planning process for Innovative Solutions for Disadvantage & Disability (ISDD) and helped us to develop a workable plan.

He is a sensitive, calm and diplomatic consultant with a reasoned and detailed approach for managing both current and future needs of an organization. As a former nonprofit executive director, he has a practical, rather than just a theoretical, understanding of organizational management which sets him apart from other consultants.

He has a great sense of humor and the ability to make the strategic planning process enjoyable as well as productive. He can see the big picture while still being able to drill down to the process and detail level. Dolph is also flexible and adaptable, he was able to make changes when challenges arose during the process to keep us on track. He promised a high level of service and that is exactly what we got!

Rainie Jueschke, Executive Director – Innovative Solutions for Disadvantage & Disability. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Sustainability Plan

Dolph is [insert favorite expletive] amazing!
PD Gladiators is a small nonprofit–much smaller than Dolph typically advises–but he treated us like we were the United Way. The level of detail at which he works went well beyond expectations, and I think inspired our team to execute.

Watching Dolph work is like observing a world-class artist–each brushstroke is simple yet calculated to result in a thing of beauty. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Larry Kahn – CEO (retired). Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Board Development

Dolph came in and helped the board do an initial assessment. Through those guided discussions, we were able to quickly determine our strength and weakness, and create a road map to sustainability.

Today, the board has taken ownership and leadership to continue our work in the community.

Dolph’s work helped assure our mission and community impact for years to come.

Angele Hawkins, Former Executive Director – New Hope Enterprises. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Organization Evaluation

The organizational assessment was comprehensive and covered all of the organization’s key operational and governance areas, and made important recommendations for our organization.

​We are stronger than ever before and would highly recommend engaging Successful Nonprofits® for this type of project.

Ronnie Bass, Executive Director – Someone Cares. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Facilitation at Annual Board Retreat

Dolph’s presentation on board expectations was well organized and produced great results. The discussion on attendance, fund raising and committee participation engaged the board members. One member specifically re-committed to a leadership role and recruited several new members to his committee! Thank you Dolph for the motivating and energetic presentation!

Carol Gray – Gray Space Works. Atlanta, GA.

Engagement: Strategic Planning

It was a pleasure to work with Dolph on the Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s (GCDHH) three-year Strategic Plan. With his experience and vast knowledge, we gained the information needed for our agency’s to grow and become successful. Also, he was able to moderate the meeting with both Deaf and Hearing participants which can be difficult for most consultants. We truly appreciate all his hard work and dedication for our future as a thriving organization.

Jimmy Peterson, CEO – Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Annual Board Retreat

Dolph is so much more than a nonprofit consultant. Dolph recently led Pebble Tossers’ annual retreat and helped restructure our committees. This was slightly different from most retreats as we had 7 new board members to onboard, and we introduced new branding and a new business model to everyone. He skillfully brought together old and new board members and very quickly we all felt engaged and excited for our mission. He did his research on our organization and created a unique retreat package that included our new branding and brand voice. Dolph goes above and beyond simple consulting, his professional attitude and fun sense of humor make everyone around him comfortable, but also ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  I am so thankful to have met Dolph and will turn to him for advice whenever I need it. Thanks Dolph!

Jennifer Guynn, Founder  – Pebble Tossers. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Strategic Planning

I am exceptionally impressed by Dolph’s ability to bring all of the parts of an organization together and inspire us to move forward for years to come.

Dolph goes above and beyond to make meetings efficient and productive. He provides empathic and sound guidance. The tools and resources he uses are attractive and user-friendly.

Rebecca Stapel-Wax, Executive Director SOJOURN. Atlanta, GA

Dolph is an incredibly talented leader who helped to change the course of our organization, assessing our community and steering our board toward a solid strategic plan.

He is incredibly organized and professional and also brings fun and expertise to goal setting and organizational guidance. I am so pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone seeking to take their mission to the next level. Dolph is also very well connected and helped Zebra Coalition gain more attention on a national scale.​

Heather Wilkie, Executive Director — Zebra Coalition. Orlando, FL

Engagement: Board Development

Feedback: The Sheltering Arms Board had been on a 12-month journey towards increased effectiveness when we engaged Dolph and his firm. Dolph’s leadership and willingness to tailor a program that met us where we were on our journey was invaluable. He added a personalized and objective touch to engaging our large board, providing us with segmented insights that would have been more challenging to uncover working on our own. Because of Dolph, the Sheltering Arms Board has increased momentum going into a new year, and is on the path to operating at higher levels of effectiveness!

Michael Smith, Board Chair – Sheltering Arms. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Strategic Planning

Simply put, Dolph was outstanding. GLA Board members and I worked with Dolph over a six-month period to create a Strategic Plan that is transforming our organization. Dolph challenged our organization to reach further programmatically. He challenged what was already a highly-functioning Board to go above and beyond their current obligations. Because of Dolph, the Board is operating at an extraordinary level. Dolph showed time and again through this process why board relations and governance are his expertise.

Meredith Ragains, Executive Director – Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. Atlanta, GA

Engagement: Interim Executive Director

Dolph Goldenburg is . . . a strong nonprofit interim executive director . . . who can navigate past pitfalls and can step in with confidence and authority.

If any other organization finds itself about to experience a transition at the top and wants real dynamic and focused leadership, Successful Nonprofits® is the route to go.

Debbie Brennan, Board Chair – Brooklyn Community Pride Center. Brooklyn, NY

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