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How many consulting practices have a manifesto to guide their work? Check out our unique guiding principles in the manifesto, meet the Successful Nonprofits team, hear client testimonials and read answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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If you are looking for strategic planning, help with a transition, board development or coaching, we’ve got you covered. When you choose Successful Nonprofits, your consultant will structure the project to build greater engagement among staff, board and other key stakeholders.

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With over 100 episodes, the Successful Nonprofits Podcast is how we give back to the nonprofit sector. In fact, we produce a new ad-free podcast every week and cover the topics every charity needs to know about: Fundraising, management, HR, technology, planning, marketing and more.

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Let us help your nonprofit thrive in a competitive environment

Experience a dynamic strategic planning process that engages your board, staff, donors, funders and constituents. 

We will guide your organization through a strategic planning process that achieves broad buy-in from key stakeholders and offers quantifiable benchmarks to measure progress. During plan implementation, we also check-in quarterly to help you stay on track.

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Board Development

Whether your board is fully engaged or fully absent, your organization will benefit from our board development services.

In fact, the strongest boards seek to become even more effective. For this reason, they commit the time and resources necessary for a regular board evaluation, board retreats and other board development services that will help it reach the next level.

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Executive transitions can disrupt your organization’s progress (even if it’s carefully planned).

We can help your organization build a realistic succession plan before your chief executive leaves. And we also offer an interim executive director pool for organizations with an immediate need for temporary staff leadership.

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If you are a nonprofit professional committed to advancing your organization’s mission and your career, you should absolutely engage our coaching services.

Your coach will serve as a guide who has been where you want to go and taken others there. Our coaching services can help whether you are a first-time executive director, need an accountability partner while implementing a project or are facing an organization crisis.

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Our client partners experience real change

Many of our clients have engaged us for a second and third project because they continue to get real results from each engagement. In fact, Our clients typically experience:

  • Renewed board, staff and stakeholder commitment
  • Strengthened relationship between the board and chief executive
  • Increased income from individuals and foundations
  • Enhanced ability to withstand a crisis
  • Reinforced sense of long term goals and a plan for achieving them

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Your nonprofit will benefit from our three-pronged approach to every engagement:
Data Focused

Date influences our recommendations and all of our work. This usually includes industry-specific data but also information available in your finance office, fundraising department and programs.

High Touch

While we love data, we also focus on the actual experience of people in your organization. We listen to the important voices of your staff, board, clients and donors.

Return On Investment

We structure all engagements thinking about your return on investment. Because when you hire a consultant, you should expect to get your money’s worth.


We define our success by your results

Dolph Goldenburg is . . . a strong nonprofit interim executive director . . . who can navigate past pitfalls and can step in with confidence and authority.

If any other organization finds itself about to experience a transition at the top and wants real dynamic and focused leaders, Successful Nonprofits is the route to go.

Debbie Brennan, Brooklyn Community Pride Center

Dolph is an incredibly talented leader who helped to change the course of our organization, assessing our community and steering our board toward a solid strategic plan. . . 

Dolph is very well connected and helped Zebra gain more attention on a national scale.

– Heather Wilkie, Zebra Coalition (Orlando, FL)

Dolph is [insert favorite expletive] amazing!

PD Gladiators is a small nonprofit–much smaller than Dolph typically advises–but he treated us like we were the United Way. The level of detail at which he works went well beyond expectations, and I think inspired our team to execute.

Larry Kahn, PD Gladiators (Atlanta, GA)



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The organizations we work with are more than just our clients. They are our partners in building a better community and a healthier world.

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We are always interested in having conversations with prospective partners. If you feel we may be a good fit for your next project, please reach out.

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To help nonprofits thrive in a competitive environment.