Successful Nonprofits: Individual Coaching

Coaching for nonprofit executives

Individual Coaching

Coaching for nonprofit executives

Individual Coaching

by GoldenburgGroup

Tailored to meet your needs

We work collaboratively with you to develop a coaching plan that includes goals, a schedule, and measurement tools.

Individual Coaching
Identify Goals

As part of your coaching plan, we will help you identify three goals for the year and work with you toward achieving those goals. These goals will be high level, such as (a) Build a strong relationship with the board; (b) Meet the first-year strategic plan objectives; or (c) Fully resolve a financial crisis

Measuring Achievement

We will measure achievement toward the goals on a regular basis, using tools agreed to by both you and coach.

Meet bi-weekly

We will meet every other week by Zoom. Following each session, we will provide a list of follow-up activities and a recording of the session so you can refer to it at any point.

Minimum Commitment

An up-front, 12-month commitment ensures that you and your organization remain committed to coaching –  despite the unexpected fires we all experience at work and at home. For this reason, all coaching requires a year commitment.


Both you and the coach will have homework between each meeting. Examples of your homework may include (a) drafting a document to be shared with the board chair; (b) reading a chapter of a pertinent book; or (c) having a conversation with a specific person. Examples of your coach’s homework may include (a) providing a template for a document; (b) reviewing a document you have written; (c) connecting you with other resources or people; or (c) drafting a series of options to be considered in our next coaching session.


The cost is $8,600 for a full year’s commitment. This includes up to 24 bi-weekly sessions and significant support between sessions (typically about one hour between each session). The coaching fee is payable quarterly.


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