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Discuss transformational books with authors and colleagues

Successful Nonprofits®
Book Club

Discuss transformational books with authors and colleagues

Successful Nonprofits®
Book Club

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The Dawn of Our Book Club

Last year, a participant in my executive director coaching group noted that I often sent group members a book so we could discuss a chapter or two in the next session.

He found these books incredibly helpful and pitched the idea of starting the Successful Nonprofits® Book Club. Now, I love books, I love to read, and I love to think about big ideas. Starting a book club seemed like such a great fit.

Transformational Books to Make You an Even Stronger Leader

Everyone who knows me is aware that I give away a lot of books every year, and each title on our book club list is saved in my Amazon account for faster gift-giving. I’ve selected some of my most gifted books for our club members to read, books that dozens of gift recipients report have impacted their own nonprofit leadership journey.

These are transformational books that will generate big ideas to inform your leadership style, change your perspectives on strategy, and undoubtedly further strengthen your organization. Whether your organization is struggling to break past a plateau or enjoying extraordinary success, these books and discussions will make you an even better leader and your organization even stronger.


About the Books and Authors

One of the things I love about hosting a podcast is getting to read a book and have a great conversation with the author. Since most readers don’t get this opportunity, we have actively sought book club authors who would agree to join us for the final 30 minutes of each meeting.

Some of these amazing books and authors include:

  • The Thief In Your Company by Tiffany Couch
  • The Schmuck In My Office by Jody Foster
  • Imagination Machine by Jack Fuller
  • Philanthropy Revolution by Lisa Greer
  • Just Work by Kim Scott
  • Fundraising for Social Change by Kim Klein
  • The Good Jobs Strategy by Zenep Ton

About the Meeting Agenda

Most of our 90-minute meetings will include a half hour conversation with the book’s author (please note not all authors will be able to join us) as well as time to discuss the book (and life) just among members. All meetings will be moderated by our principal consultant, and veteran executive director, Dolph Goldenburg.

We strongly encourage self-care. So please feel free to snack or step away for bio breaks. Meetings will begin and end on time, but no worries if you’re a few minutes late.

How To Sign Up

The Book Club is exclusively for nonprofit chief executives. The cost for membership in 2022’s club is $1,800 which includes the cost of all your books — we’ll order and ship them in your preferred format (though some books are not offered in all formats). We also offer discounts for current clients, former clients, and CenterLink members. So please reach out to us directly if this describes you and your organization!


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