Expert Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers in Nonprofits

5 Steps to Tackling Disruptive Behavior at Work

5 Steps to Tackling Disruptive Behavior at Work

by Ro

Episode Overview 

Bonus Breaks are short episodes you can listen to while taking a tea break with the added bonus of making you and your nonprofit stronger! In today’s Bonus Break, I share with you the key to dealing with the jerk or shmuck in your office.

Dr. Jody Foster co-authored “The Schmuck in My Office,” a book brimming with invaluable insights on taming disruptive behavior in the workplace. I have found this book so helpful, that we read it as part of last year’s Successful Nonprofits® Book Club and asked Dr. Foster to join us for the last 30 minutes of our meeting. 

She shared some golden nuggets for dealing with difficult co-workers that I think you need to know about. So listen in for her 5-step process for dealing with difficult behavior and an outline for structuring your conversation. So listen in and get ready to unlock the secrets to harmonious teamwork in your nonprofit organization!

Addressing Disruptive Behavior Worksheet

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Timestamp Highlights

[00:30] Dr. Jody Foster’s visit to the Successful Nonprofits® Book Club.
[03:30] 5 steps for addressing disruptive behavior.
[06:42] A conversation outline for addressing disruptive behavior.


The Book: The Schmuck in My Office
Podcast: Ep 41: Dealing With the Schmuck In Your Nonprofit with Dr. Jody Foster & Dr. Michelle Joy
Podcast: Ep 247: Timeless Tips for Working with Difficult People with Jody Foster

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