Successful Nonprofits: Mitigating Nonprofit Fraud with Bob Gallagher

Good Stewardship with Bob Gallagher

Good Stewardship with Bob Gallagher

by Ro

There were 191 cases of nonprofit fraud in 2020, each causing an average loss of $639,000. Make sure your nonprofit isn’t one of them by joining Bob Gallagher in this conversation about common mismanagement pitfalls and steps you can take to avoid them.

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Website: Gallagher Advisory Services

Bob’s LinkedIn

Website: Colby College

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(04:30) Common types of fraud and financial mismanagement at nonprofits

(05:40) The role of both audits and auditors

(09:12) The role of the Executive Director

(12:15) The role of the Board

(16:40) Financial red flags


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