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Great Idea For a Donor Thank You

by goldenburggroup

Great Idea For a Donor Thank You

by goldenburggroup

by goldenburggroup

I recently made a contribution to the Zebra Coalition in tribute of someone who is going through a rough time. Shortly after sending the contribution, I received the card pictured above. There’s so much I like about the envelope alone:

  • The outside envelope is hand written (including the return address). I recognized the address as  the Zebra Coalition but a hand written return address piqued my curiosity.
  • I am always a fan of the real first-class stamp on personal mail, and I am a raving fan of stamps that express some personality. I like the American flag as much as the next person, but the Shirley Temple stamp makes the mail feel more personal.

Before opening the envelope, I expected to find a handwritten note from their executive director. Instead I found something even better:

  • A card with six pictures that I took the time to actually look at
  • A hand written note signed by at least six people
  • Great messaging throughout the card: “We are stronger together”, “Supporting lives of a different stripe”, “Love wins” “Thank you”, “Your Zebra Team”, and the Zebra logo on their house

This is  among the most personal thank you cards I have received this year! Great idea, well executed!

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