Living with Integrity: Embracing Your Core Values Every Day

Honoring Values for Personal Growth and Success

by Ro

Honoring Values for Personal Growth and Success

by Ro

by Ro

We talk a lot about living our values in our consulting practice.

Lexie and I discuss values when deciding whether to take on a new client, approach a podcast guest, or feature an author in our Book Club.

Every week, we have the opportunity to make values-based decisions. I received an email last year that really hit home for me. A local foundation approached us about participating in their 2023 Nonprofit Summit, and I went to the foundation’s website to find out more about the Summit. 

When I clicked a link to learn more about the event, I was floored to learn the Foundation was holding the Summit at a church that is openly hostile to people who are LGBTQ+ and reproductive freedom for women. 

Let me share with you that I love presenting at conferences — I truly find it way more invigorating to work with a group in person than to make the same presentation on Zoom. And this was a conference that I could easily drive to from my home, which would be a nice respite from the weekly travel grind of airports and hotels.

Nevertheless, declining the invitation to participate was the easiest decision I made all week. I’m not walking into a space that is openly hostile to me and my relationship. And I’m also not entering a space where trans folk and women aren’t embraced as their authentic selves. 

Why I’m Writing About This

It’s important to live your values and make values-based decisions in your personal and professional life, even when it means declining opportunities if they conflict with your principles and beliefs.

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