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Crafting Stories that Fuel Your Capital Campaign with Whitney Anderson

Crafting Stories that Fuel Your Capital Campaign with Whitney Anderson

by Ro

Episode Overview 

In this insightful episode, Successful Nonprofits® podcast host, Dolph Goldenburg, engages with prominent fundraising strategist, Whitney Anderson. Together, they delve into the art and science of crafting impactful case statements – an essential tool in any fundraising campaign. 

They discuss the importance of storytelling, striking the right balance between the emotional and practical aspects, and how the case statement serves as a valuable tool during donor interactions. Whitney shares her unique perspective on balancing text with visuals and the significance of tailoring your message to resonate with a diverse donor audience. 

This episode promises to be a resourceful guide for your nonprofit, providing actionable insights and practical advice to enhance your fundraising efforts.  Listen and learn from Whitney’s wealth of experience and discover strategies to make your case statements more compelling and effective.

Timestamp Highlights

[04:30] The importance of story-building in your capital campaign.
[06:20] The initial building blocks of your capital campaign story
[09:43] How to help volunteers and staff members rehearse and refine their elevator speeches
[11:27] The difference between an elevator speech and a case statement
[13:11] The importance of having talking points and being prepared to share updates about your organization
[16:21] The role of storytelling in case statements, including the use of visuals
[20:14] When you should send your case statement in advance
[21:56] Common issues in case statements
[23:36] Showcasing the transformation and impact your campaign will bring


Website: Fox Advancement
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