Successful Nonprofits: Securing and Stewarding Event Sponsors

Turn Your Next Gala into a Goldmine with AJ Steinburg

Turn Your Next Gala into a Goldmine with AJ Steinburg

by Ro


Episode Overview 

Sponsors play a crucial role in the success of any nonprofit’s annual event. But effectively engaging sponsors can be a challenge for many organizations. In this insightful episode of the Successful Nonprofits® Podcast, host Dolph Goldenburg and guest AJ Steinberg dig into the art of securing and nurturing event sponsorships. From creative ideas for providing value to your sponsors to approaches for maintaining relationships all year long, AJ and Dolph share proven strategies that will help you maximize your nonprofit’s sponsorship potential! 

Timestamp Highlights

[04:05] The mistake of setting a fundraising goal without considering your unique circumstances and assets
[05:41] Selecting the right honoree and assembling an effective event committee to boost your event’s success and sponsorship efforts
[09:22] Assessing your organization’s assets, understanding your target demographics, and creating marketing materials that speak to sponsors’ marketing needs
[11:41] Maximizing exposure and engagement
[13:24] Thanking sponsors sincerely and maintaining a strong relationship with them 
[22:35 Offering a range of sponsorship options 
[26:25] Strategies to retain sponsors 
[28:09] The role of the Board in securing and maintaining sponsors
[29:13] Fulfilling your promises
[29:31] Following up after events


Queen Bee Fundraising Website

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