Successful Nonprofits: How You Can Recruit & Retain Top Talent

12 Ways You Can Recruit and Retain Top Talent

12 Ways You Can Recruit and Retain Top Talent

by Ro

If you’re struggling to recruit and retain staff, then you aren’t alone. Every day we speak with nonprofit leaders who have had empty desk chairs for months — and are worried about which chairs might be empty tomorrow. So, listen in to today’s episode for an idea (or twelve) to help you keep those seats filled with happy, productive staff.

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Podcast: The Secret to Building a Rock Star Leadership Team with Allison Mayfield

Podcast: The Power of Strategic Planning with Denise Spivak

Podcast: Flourishing Through Collaboration with Amy Brin

Podcast: Practicing Courage with Jim Detert

Podcast: Breaking Down Barriers: Hiring Formerly Incarcerated People with Terrell Blount

Podcast: The Job Expectations No One Talks About with Gorick Ng

Podcast: Make the Most of Your Time with Shanice Miller

Podcast: Moving from Reactive to Proactive with Mary Gladstone-Highland

Podcast: Standing Up for Equitable Funding Practices with Lauren Steiner

Podcast: Solving Burnout at Your Nonprofit with Jennifer Moss

Podcast: Surefire Ways to Retain Your Donors with Samantha Threadgill


(01:33) Write a clear job description (Shanice Miller)

(02:40) Have strong HR and onboarding training (Allison Mayfield)

(04:12) Offer good benefits (Amy Brin)

(05:44) Make your organization attractive (Denise Spivak)

(08:24) Put yourself in the shoes of your staff (Gorick Ng)

(10:03) Attract the right people and get to know them (Jennifer Moss)

(13:06) Walk your talk (Jim Detert)

(15:25) Take the time to find the right person (Samantha Threadgill)

(24:00) Allocating expenses

Making your organization attractive includes looking through an equity lens. Ask yourself if your organization is ready to welcome and support a diverse pool of employees. – Denise Spivak


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